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8 Ways To Support Your Friends’ Business or Hustle Today – Episode 9

There are so many ways to show your friends you are rooting for them and you care about them. One huge way is to support their businesses or hustle as the case may be in the way you can.

In the Issues Segment of this episode, i shared 8 ways you can support your friends’ business or hustle today. If you also feel your friends are not giving you any or enough support, you can share this post to them to let them know their support would mean a lot too you.

8 ways to support your friends' business or hustle today Click To Tweet


Stop asking for discounts or free work from your friends running a business. Support them by buying their products or services Click To Tweet


In the Reality Check Segment where a member of the podcast community can send me a mail of something they need advice on, one of us needs help. Please drop one or two words of encouragement for her.


In the Common Sense Rule segment, we remind those that spit indiscriminately that it is wrong. If you do this, please stop. It is an eyesore.


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[…] 8 Ways To Support Your Friends’ Business or Hustle Today […]


[…] 8 Ways To Support Your Friends’ Business or Hustle Today […]


[…] 8 Ways To Support Your Friends’ Business or Hustle Today […]

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