About Me

about me

Hi there! I’m Ekene Viola Orjiagu and I’m happy to have you here. I’m an On Air Personality (OAP), beauty enthusiast, natural hair expert, mediapreneur, content creator and creative director of HiswordMybeauty.com. I love mature minded people, goal-getters and i also love to meditate a lot. I guess you already have a picture of a nerdy introvert in your imagination but nahh, you are wrong. I’m an ambivert and can be petty at times. I can literally spend a whole day meditating and evaluating things. Quite poetic but not strictly. I love books and I read a lot of them. Did I tell you I’d love to marry a writer? Lol! Yeah a lot of things go on in their minds. Their imaginations are exceptional if projected rightly.

about me

Well, dishonesty and pretence piss me off a great deal and I can’t stand it. I don’t know but I have very strong instincts and can sense a pretender from afar. Okay! I know you want to know what my blog is all about. It’s a combination of who I am and the light I would love to emit to the world. You read it right, i am a beauty enthusiast and to show you the depth of it, I handle a program called ‘Beauty Hub’ on Radio UNIZIK 94.1FM plus other programs as well. I love beauty and giving people tips on the do’s and don’ts of beauty makes me feel fulfilled. Check it out HERE. I am a motivational speaker and to read some of my posts on motivation, click HERE.

Want to read some of my posts on lifestyle, check them out HERE as well.
about me

To motivate, give beauty tips and teach you the way to become the best version of yourself through the right door himself in your event or one on one, BOOK ME!

I run exclusive interviews and distance is not a barrier to me as i do that no matter the part of the world my guests live. To read or listen to them, click HERE.

I’m also very open to brand collaborations. Please BOOK ME or better still, send a mail.

I love you and thanks so much for stopping by. Mwaaah!

About me