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Hey loves! Glad to have you in my space. Like I promised, I’ll be getting amazing guests as our ‘Beauty Hub Crush’ courtesy of my radio program ‘Beauty Hub’. I had an intriguing chit chat with Kirsty and I love every part of the interview. One thing I love about these interviews and being an On Air Personality is the opportunity I get to interview great and shrewd minds and I’ve never felt so honoured to do this. In case you are here for the first time, do take a tour round the blog and subscribe as well. Before the interview, here is a short biography of Kirsty.

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Biography of Kirsty Darko; Founder of Coily Hair 101

Kirsty Darko is the founder of Coily Hair 101. Coily Hair 101 is all about promoting, embracing and teaching natural healthy care. It was developed out of the need to provide naturalistas with guidance on their hair journeys by providing them with the basic yet key information to have successful hair journeys. She does this through Instagram videos, YouTube videos, natural hair workshops and now natural hair starter packs. These packs are full of all the products and tools you need to have a healthy hair journey.

I love this amazing woman’s impact in the natural hair community and she is a huge inspiration to me. Let’s dig into the interview guys!

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I observed from your bio that you are a natural hair enthusiast which is interesting. Most people want to transition to natural hair but having grown up in an environment where natural hair was considered ugly and stressful, the individual looses interest immediately the thought crosses his or her mind. Are there any nuggets you can give to someone at the verge of transitioning but still quite skeptical due to the aforementioned factor?

Black women have been taught by society and even sometimes by our closest family friends that natural hair is ugly, nappy, messy and unprofessional. We are taught that the only right way to wear your hair is in a relaxed or straightened state so making the choice to go natural can be a huge challenge. For those at the verge of transitioning but unsure, I’d say just do it! we need to stop conforming to society’s beauty standards and do what is right for us. Once you bite the bullet, you will realize that the confidence you gain from wearing your natural hair naturally is more powerful than the opinion of others. We need to teach each other, the next generation and society that our black is beautiful!

'We need to stop conforming to society's beauty standards and do what is right for us' - Kirsty Darko -Founder of Coily Hair 101 Click To Tweet

Can we know you more? I have this feeling you are a smart lawyer! Tell us about it!

Lol! I’m training to be a lawyer and I’ll qualify next year (in Jesus name, AMEN). I am currently training in employment law which I hope to specialize in. So whilst on the weekend and during the evenings, I’m focused on natural and healthy hair care and keeping people up to date on my social media accounts, during the day, I am advising on matters concerning employer liability, court hearings, contracts, settlements, policy and more! People are always shocked when they hear about my day job but I love it and it is my true passion.


I am shocked too! I must really commend you. You’re doing great! Recently, you’ve been dropping sneak peeks of your new natural hair products launch on Instagram. What should we expect?

These packs are full of everything you need to start your natural/healthy hair journey. They contain a wide tooth comb, hair bands, oils, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, deep conditioning cap and spray bottle. Our packs are focused on educating people so they also contain a deep conditioning guide to tell you the steps to follow on wash day and an oil guide to educate you about what the oils can do for your hair. We will be launching the packs online in December for worldwide distribution. Expect your hair care game to change completely once you receive our pack.

'Coily Hair 101 packs contain a wide tooth comb, hair bands, oils, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, deep conditioning cap and spray bottle' -Kirsty Darko; Founder of Coily Hair 101 Click To Tweet

I guess this has been a dream you’ve been nurturing for a long time. Apart from guiding naturalistas on their hair journey, what was the motivating factor?

Definitely! I would say that is the main motivating factor but also the fact that I don’t want to be working for someone else my whole life! I want to do something for me and for my family that benefits us for generations to come and not a corporate stranger.


What are the possible price ranges of your products once launched?

We are still deciding on pricing but our products and services will be affordable and accessible to all whilst remaining competitive in the current market.

Where can potential customers place their orders when it launches in December? Any official website?

Yes, from the official website. We are working on the finishing touches.

Besides natural hair products, are there any other services you render that can help people on natural hair like consultations and so on? If yes, what are they and how can the services get across my audience?

We hold natural hair workshops on a quarterly basis. The next one will be around March in London. I will be going to Ghana early next year and hope to hold a workshop there too. We will also offer one on one consultations in the new year (2019) which can take place in person (in the UK) or through Skype if you are in another country.





Thanks Kirsty for your time. It is so much appreciated!

It is an honour Viola!

Yass! Hope you enjoyed reading that guys! Updates on details like the official website for the new products, price ranges and so on will be brought to you later. Kirsty shares a lot of useful hair tips and hacks on her YouTube channel – CoilyKirsty so subscribe and thank me later! Also follow her on Instagram @coilykirsty and @coilyhair101

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