Beis Expandable Backpack Review: is it Ideal for Budget Travelers?


If you are an over-packer, a backpack person, or a budget-conscious person, rejoice! We’ve all been there, getting ready for a short trip and needing a backpack large enough to fit all of our needs but small enough to carry around. That’s where the beis expandable backpack comes in, and as the name implies, it’s expandable and made from recyclable material. Can I get a hallelujah?


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Nuts and bolts

  • Price: $88.00
  • Dims:33 wide, 38high, 15-20cm deep
  • Backpack strap at longest: 85cm at shortest at 50cm
  • Material:100% recycled poly, 100 % recycled faux leather, 100% recycled poly, nylon zipper, and zinc alloy hardware
  • Weight: 0.757KG to lbs
  • Capacity: 17L (expanded)
  • 13.5L (non-expanded)
  • Zipper closure
  • Expandable gusset (2″)
  • Separate padded laptop pocket with zipper closure (laptop 13″ & 15″)
  • Hidden water bottle pocket with zipper closure
  • 2 zipper pockets on the front
  • Key leash inside the front pocket
  • 2 cell phone slip pockets inside the front pocket
  • Trolley Pass-through sleeve on the back
  • 2 large slip pockets
  • 1 mesh zipper pocket
  • 1 clear zipper pocket

Aesthetics of Beis Expandable Backpack

The expandable Beis backpack is a part of the “Beis Recycle” line, which is primarily produced from recycled water bottles. The expandable backpack was made and lined with 100% recycled polyester making it waterproof and the trims were made with 100 % Recycled faux leather. It is simple but sleek and can easily transition from the airport to the office without changing clothes.


Colour of Beis Expandable Backpack

At the time of this review, the Beis expandable backpack is only available in beige and black, as opposed to the other Beis collections, which come in Atlas pink, grey, beige, and black.


Features of Beis Expandable Backpack

The Beis backpack has a capacity of 17 liters when expanded and 13.5L when not expanded, it is 33cm wide, 38 cm high, 20 cm deep, and weighs only 0.757kg! This backpack does not completely unzip like the original backpack in the beis collection which extends to the bottom, instead, it only expands halfway. It also comes with an adjustable strap and a padded back panel that makes it comfortable to wear, even when the bag is loaded down.


If you like staying hydrated but dislike having your water bottle pocket exposed, this expandable bag hidden water bottle pocket with zipper closure is for you. The laptop pocket is sufficiently padded to protect your electronics and can accommodate a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop. it also has 2 cell phone slip pockets.




Have you ever seen a Beis backpack without the signature Beis key leash? I don’t think so! This expandable backpack comes with the signature key leash so that will never lose your keys and then at the back, it has the trolley pass-through that all Beis Collection bags have so you can go ahead and slip it onto your luggage and be completely hands-free and have nothing on your back while you are strolling around and then it comes with a mesh zippered organization pocket and a plastic zippered container plastic for toiletries or any damp item.




Who it suits

If you’re looking for an affordable backpack with a lot of storage space, the Beis Expandable Backpack might be a good option for you. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before making your purchase.



The backpack is very roomy and can hold a lot of items.

It’s expandable, so you can make it as big or small as you need.

The price is very reasonable.



Limited color options

The backpack is only available for a limited time

Some reviewers have noted that the straps are not very comfortable.

What People Have to Say

The Good Review

I love this backpack! I purchased it as luggage for my puppy for our upcoming road trip. After her last road trip, I decided I needed a bigger backpack to carry the large variety of items needed. This bag does all that and more! The open middle compartment and expansion allow me to fit boxes and cans of food easily, along with the cosmetic case and all the other supplies we need. I purchased the matching cosmetic case, which was larger than expected, for her grooming supplies and it fits nicely inside. I love all the little compartments to organize smaller items, I can place dirty items in a wet pocket and not worry about it. I love the recycled material, it looks durable, and sporty and is so easy to clean. It looks sophisticated for a large backpack and neutral enough to not look like a school bag. 

Review by Tissa D. on 16 Oct 2022


Super spacious! Easy to clean with the material it’s made out of any spills wipe away easily with any wipes. Love how clean and chic the bag looks I use it as my baby’s diaper bag/travel bag & fits absolutely everything I need. Love how versatile this bag is, dying to pick up a black one for my husband for when we travel.

Review by Yamaris G. on 13 Oct 2022


 I love my backpack! I tried and returned 4 other bags before finding this one. It’s my teacher’s bag and the space is perfect. It’s practical and chic, especially the color.

 Review by Michelle B. on 28 Sep 2022


When this was launched, I bought it immediately. I had been looking for a backpack with these exact features. It is everything as described in videos and text on the BEIS webpage. I am happy I can fit everything in and have easy-to-reach pockets for important and small things. Great for rainy cities too.

Review by Regina U. on 30 Sep 2022


This backpack is great. Love the main BEIS features such as the key leash and the trolley pass-through. I wish the front pocket was a little more flexible, (I could only really put small things there) but overall, still a great buy.

 Review by Emily A. on 20 Oct 2022


This traveled great but my laptop is heavy and I feel like the straps were a bit stressed with the weight of my bag. It stayed mostly clean after being under a seat on the plane but any spots washed off easily! Love this backpack but probably better for lighter loads. I also loved having the option to tuck away the bottle holder out of sight.

Review by Sarah P. on 30 Sep 2022


The Not-So-Good Review

This made me receive this item- the incorrect item, and not the item was meant to be a gift for someone. Now I have been dealing with this issue for weeks and it is too late to give her the gift for the intended trip she was going on. But I still want to give it to her so she has it in the future.

Someone named Brett, a customer care manager told me I could get free two-day shipping, but this does not help me anymore. I tried to send the following message…

“Hi, Brett,

Getting the item sooner, no longer helps me because she already left for the trip I was getting the luggage for. So that discount code does nothing to help me at all. And in all honesty, I don’t even want to go through the return process so I’m keeping the bag I didn’t even intend to have shipped in the first place.”

After attempting to send that message I got a failure notification that the message did not send. I have 5 pieces from beis and have recommended the company to many of my friends. I have even gifted multiple pieces to friends. I can’t believe how unhelpful everyone I’ve come into contact with is, and now I can’t even get through to them since I’m almost positive they blocked my email address. I am in this situation in the first place because of an error that was made by your company.

I’m a recurring customer but this experience I’ve had is horrible.

Review by Victoria C. on 3 Oct 2022


Okay, overall the backpack is as wonderful as everyone else has already stated. The pockets are glorious, the water bottle holder is so unique and absolutely perfect in design, the straps are comfortable and the space inside is so versatile. Great use for a college student. I would give it 5 stars, but I’m disappointed in the fabric/ color. I purchased the beige and it really is a beautiful color, but it’s more maintenance. Granted, light color backpacks will ALWAYS be hard to keep clean, but I had higher expectations for this one considering the material and advertising videos on social media. So far I’ve gotten one stain that absolutely won’t come out (huge bummer) and forget about wearing dark jeans if the bottom of the bag hits your waistline. I ordered the bag in black also and it was equally as lovely, but they don’t compare in style representation so it’s sad I can’t get the best of both worlds. Maybe if the black had gold accents or something it’d be perfect IMO. Just a slight miss for me 

Review by Diana Z. on 26 Sep 2022



Frequently Asked Questions of the Beis Expandable Backpack.


Q: Can the beis backpack be used as a personal item?

A: Yes! it can act as a personal item and/or carry-on bag when flying.


Q: What is the best way to clean the Beis backpack?

A: To spot-clean your Beis backpack, we recommend using a clean cloth and a gentle cleanser. Beis items should not be washed in a washing machine.


Q: How large of a laptop can fit into the laptop sleeve?

A: The beis backpack can fit a 14-inch and a 15-inch laptop.


Q: Does the Beis backpack fit under an airplane seat?

A: Yes! The only disadvantage is that because this bag is so large, you may accidentally overload it.


Q: How does Beis Travel handle returns?

A: For returns go to Beis’ Return Portal, enter your order number and shipping zip code, and click “Start Return” if you need to return or exchange an item. Please email within 14 days of receiving your item if you wish to return or exchange it. Beis won’t be able to accept a return or exchange if you get in touch with the company after 14 days have passed.


Q: What is Beis travel shipping time?

A: United States

UPS Ground Service 3-5 business days at $10

2 business days at $25

1 business day at $33


Orders from other countries


DHL International Express, DHL International Parcel Post, and FEDEX are the three main international shipping companies used by beis travel. Transit times for all orders are calculated at checkout, but you can see the price range on their Shipping information page.


Please be aware that Beis shipping does not deliver to PO boxes. All shipping transit times are calculated at the time of purchase



Where to buy Beis expandable backpack



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