Beis Soft Sided Collapsible Check-In Roller Luggage Review

You’re getting ready for your next vacation and you’re stressing about what to pack. You need a piece of luggage that’s big enough to fit all your clothes, but you don’t want something that’s going to be a pain to carry around or get scratches from the hustle and bustle of an airplane. What you need is the Beis soft-side collapsible check-in roller luggage.

Some might call it over-packing, but we call it being prepared for anything, including carrying all of your wardrobe’s outfits because you never know when you’ll need a quick change at your destination.




Nuts and Bolts

  • Price: $298
  • Dims: 32 inches long including wheels x 18.5 inches wide x 13 inches deep (6.5 inches when collapsed)
  • Capacity: 125 Liters (Strictly adhere to airline guidelines, always check with your airline for weight limit restrictions)
  • Weight: 12.5lb
  • Material: Polyester, clear TPU, poly mesh, YKK zippers, steel wire reinforcement, reinforced frame. Lining: polyester
  • Hinomoto 360-degree wheels
  • Retractable BÉIS logo-ed trolley handle with soft hand cushion for comfort
  • Top carry handle
  • Side carry handle with weight limit indicator
  • U-zipper on the front body for easy access inside the luggage
  • Base reinforced panel
  • Plastic corner protectors
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Butterfly opening
  • Lined with durable and easy-to-spot-clean polyester with a soft brushed hand feel
  • U-zip flap, with contrast faux leather trim, includes one zip pocket & one frosted zip pocket
  • Detachable compression flap with U-zip pocket and mesh packet
  • Four-point compression straps
  • Side elastic top slip pockets for keeping small items
  • Separate pouch set for dirty clothes, shoes, undergarments, and damp clothing

Aesthetics of Beis Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-In Roller Luggage

Opinions on aesthetics can vary significantly from person to person but when compared to other brands, the beis soft sided collapsible check-in roller stands out due to its sleek, modern design, 360-degree spinner wheels, and like the name implies it is soft sides, and the bag’s ability to be enlarged or compacted due to its collapsible functionbeis-soft-sided-collapsible-check-in-roller-expanded-collapsed



Colour of Beis Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-In Roller Luggage

The Beis soft-sided collapsible check-in roller is only available in black at the time of this review, which is unfortunate if you like colors. I prefer it in black because when dirty, a bag in black would not show obvious signs of staining

Is it Easy to Use?

One of the bag’s most notable features is its 360-degree spinner wheels, which allow it to be easily moved in all directions. Is it simple to use the Beis soft-sided carry-on roller luggage? With countless five-star reviews, I believe it is a good choice.

Features of Beis Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-In Roller Luggage

The Beis soft-sided collapsible roller also has four 360-degree spinning wheels, allowing the suitcase to roll in all directions, as opposed to other bags, which only roll back and forth. Furthermore, the padded handlebar provides a secure grip. The zippers in the luggage are the well-known YKK zippers, which self-lubricate as you use them, as opposed to other brands of zippers, which become sticky and gritty over time.


Beis-soft-sided-collapsible-check-in-roller-side-padded-handle bar-and-wheels



Simply put, this bag is made of some of the most durable, versatile, and dependable materials available. It is built to last, and the combination of these materials, as well as its collapsible nature, contribute to its beautiful aesthetic. The luggage also weighs an impressive 12.5lb (0.85kg), making it one of the lightest 125 liters + luggage available. Also, the beis soft TSA-approved combination locks are built into the bag to prevent thieves from tampering with your luggage. It also has a cushioned trolley handle to protect your hand when lifting your case.


Beis-soft-sided-collapsible-check-in-roller-side-Tsa lock

On one side of the bag, which opens like a butterfly, there are two zippered compartments. If you are a neat packer, you will appreciate this feature. You probably already know how disgusting it is to have your dirty underwear lying next to your clean clothes, so this check-in roller includes a built-in laundry bag called the “Dirt Bag,” which is divided into two separate compartments by a zipper to keep dirty clothes separate. The weight scale, which is Beis’ signature feature, is a standout feature of the luggage. This tells you whether you’re over or under 50 pounds (the indicator turns red when you hit 50 pounds)

Who it Suits

The Beis soft-side collapsible check-in roller luggage is an excellent choice for your next trip. It’s simple to store and transport, and it can withstand significant weight without breaking.



The luggage is lightweight and easy to carry around

It collapses down to a fraction of its size, making it easy to store when not in use

The 360-degree wheeler feature makes it easy to navigate through airports



The fabric is not very durable

What People Have to Say

The Good Review

I was so excited when I received my luggage. I can’t wait to use it on my domestic and international trips. I love that it’s collapsible for easy storage. Even though I have not used it yet, I know I would worry about its durability. The material feels like I’ll be able to use this luggage for a very long time. The compartments are a plus.

Review by Jeremaine O. on 14 Oct 2022

Best luggage! This bag is the perfect size. Easy to collapse and build up when needed. Super durable and easy to clean. My husband and I also love the features and the compartments.

Review by Carly G. on 21 Sep 2022


The quality I am obsessed with! The quality is amazing! The design is out of this world! And most importantly the durability is spot on! Definitely recommend 10/10

Review by Sameera Z. on 19 Sep 2022


Nice and will last for a while! I love how durable the suitcase is! I prefer this type over the plastic ones because they don’t scuff. The plus is that it is able to shrink so it can fit anywhere for storage! I had the smaller check-in one before and loved it so much, I decided to give the bigger one a go too so I can have a set!

Review by Jennifer p. on 19 Aug 2022


The Not-So-Good Review

I love beis and so many of their products, but this one was a huge miss for me. The bag already weighs a lot on its own and leaves you with only 38 lbs left for your stuff. I loved the idea of the weight indicator but you really have no clue how much your over + it’s not accurate. The design is nice I just wouldn’t take it on a trip longer not functional for long-term travel.

Review by Khadidja on 10 Sep 2022review 

One use and stitches and stitches are already coming out. Sexy packaging hiding poor construction. Total rip-off.

Review by Cecilia A. on 18 Apr 2022

This is a great suitcase! It’s good quality and I like the way it looks and I like that it has a weight indicator. I used this for an overseas trip and it held up great with all the flights. However, there are a few negatives which is why I rated it lower. The bag starts off heavy, about 12lbs. So having a 12lb bag to start with means you’ll hit 50 (the standard max) faster than you would in a lighter bag. Also, the bag is quite large, not so much of a negative but it is when you have to keep the weight less than 50lbs. I packed this for a week’s worth of clothes including a military uniform and it hit over 50lbs. The handle on the side of the bag doesn’t seem as sturdy since it’s a collapsible bag it may be better in a different spot, maybe more towards the middle of the side, not closer to the side as when you pick it up from the side handle, the bag falls to the opposite side.  On my trip, I noticed that the panels on the inside did not stay snapped so the bag was collapsing on itself when I got it from baggage claim. The panels do not seem as sturdy, a good idea in theory to have a collapsible bag but maybe it should just have an extender. When there is too much stuff or anything remotely heavy in the front zipper part, the contents shift down to the bottom and make the bag protrude out on the bottom. As much as I like the suitcase, functionally I think the hard case one would’ve been a better option.

Review By Jackie A. on 6 APR 2022


Frequently asked questions of Beis Soft-Sided Collapsible Check-in Roller Luggage

Q: How does Beis Travel handle returns?

A: For returns go to Beis’ Return Portal, enter your order number and shipping zip code, and click “Start Return” if you need to return or exchange an item. Please email within 14 days of receiving your item if you wish to return or exchange it. Beis won’t be able to accept a return or exchange if you get in touch with the company after 14 days have passed.

Q: What is Beis travel shipping time?

A: United States

UPS Ground Service 3-5 business days at $10

2 business days at $25

1 business day at $33

Orders from other countries

DHL International Express, DHL International Parcel Post, and FedEx are the three main international shipping companies used by beis travel. Transit times for all orders are calculated at checkout, but you can see the price range on their Shipping information page.

Please be aware that Beis shipping does not deliver to PO boxes. All shipping transit times are calculated at the time of purchase

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