Béis Travel Check-In Rolling Luggage Review

béis check-in roller luggage review
Shay Mitchell, holding products from her company, BÉIS Travel


If you’re familiar with Shay Mitchell, who played the role of Peach Salinger in the TV series YOU, you won’t be too surprised to learn that she started her travel bag brand BÉIS in 2018. The BÉIS series has several styles which boast 8 different collections and 40,000 5 stars reviews! In addition to being reasonably priced, the BÉIS bag was made with simplicity and ultimate convenience in mind.

Can I be completely honest for a moment? It’s difficult to find good travel luggage! Is it ever possible to find a piece of travel luggage that is affordable, and has enough pockets, security, and room for all my essential items? If you’re a notorious over-packer like me, packing is the worst, I can never figure out how to fit everything but the kitchen sink into my carry-on, I later realized that well, I wasn’t the problem, it was my carry-on.

I tried a lot of luggage, but most didn’t meet my long list of requirements; others were spacious but didn’t give me the chick look I desired. When I heard about the BÉIS check-in roller luggage, I decided to give it a try to see if it lived up to the hype. If you are like me and need to be persuaded before purchasing new travel luggage, read on to learn everything there is to know about the BÉIS check-in roller luggage.

Beis Check-In Roller


Nuts and bolts

  • Price: $298.00
  • Weight Materials: Polycarbonate, PVC, Polyester, Nylon Zipper Hardware
  • 11.84 lbs
  • Dimension: 18.75″W x 12″D x 30.5″H
  • Capacity: 112L (Please check with your airline for weight limit limitations)
  • Colors: Beige, Black, Grey, Navy, Atlas pink
  • Size: 29 (Alternate sizes 21 and 26)
  • 360° spinner wheels
  • TSA-approved lock
  • Compression flap and straps
  • Weight limit indicator on the handle
  • Included separate pouch set for dirty clothes, shoes, undergarments, damp clothing
  • Expands an extra 2″
  • Stain-resistant material

Aesthetics of Beis Check-In Roller

When compared to other brands, the BÉIS check-in roller stands out due to its sleek, modern design, 3D stripe design, and 360-degree spinner wheels that will not unravel at the sight of any pavement! This piece of luggage is also made of 100% virgin Polycarbonate, providing extra protection and durability for those long-haul flights.

Color of Beis Check-In Roller

If you’re not a fan of black and prefer something more vibrant, you might be interested to know that the BÉIS check-in roller also comes in atlas pink, beige, grey, and navy to give you that chic look.


Is it Easy to Use?

BÉIS check-in roller stands out for its ease of use; despite its hard shell, it is very light and has a well-padded top handle that makes dragging through the airport comfortable. Unlike my other hand-me-down roller, which received no compliments, I received numerous compliments when I first traveled with this roller.

Features of Beis Check-In Roller

Hinomoto® 360 Wheels

The case has 360-degree spinning wheels that allow you to roll your suitcase effortlessly across train platforms and airports, requiring little effort even with the weight of them.


Retractable Bag Attach Strap

It also has a unique retractable bag strap that can support up to 15 pounds. If you’re clumsy like me, you can simply connect the shoulder strap through the luggage’s “carrying loop” to keep your duffel bag or purse securely attached. This is a fantastic way to take some of the strain off your shoulders.


Weight Indicator

The weight scale is a standout feature of the luggage, letting you know if you’re over or under 50 pounds (the indicator turns red when you hit 50 pounds),

Dirt Bag

You probably already know how disgusting it is to have your underwear lying next to your clean clothes, so this check-in roller has a built-in laundry bag called the “Dirt Bag” that is divided into two separate compartments by a zipper so that you can keep dirty clothes apart.beis-check-in-roller-review


The BÉIS check-in roller has a zipper that expands by an additional 2″. This expandable section is great for days when you simply need to overpack because it allows you to fit more clothes or shoes. It’s also useful if you’re flying on a low-cost carrier that charges for checked bags.


TSA Approved locks and Side Carry handle

The bag has TSA-approved combination locks built in to prevent thieves from tampering with your luggage. It also has a cushioned trolley handle to keep your hand from hurting when you lift your case.


Detachable Compression Flap And Butterfly Opening

The butterfly opening was one of the features that made packing and unpacking simple for me. This was great because it gave me a full view of the luggage and made it simple to picture where I wanted to put my essential items. The compression straps were helpful when it came time to zip everything up.



Who it Suits

This was made for you if you enjoy traveling and want to look stylish while doing so. This should be at the top of your list of priorities due to its sleek design, superior construction, and faultless functionality.


In comparison to other brands, this carry-on is relatively less expensive.
Stylish appearance with thousands of positive reviews
Limited Lifetime warranty
Fast shipping around the US
International Shipping Available
Exciting reward points and discount offers
TSA-approved locks and zippers


High shipping costs
Customer service is slow.
There is no phone number provided for product inquiries.


What People Have to Say

The Good Reviews

I absolutely love this brand
I absolutely love this brand and getting this suitcase was the last in the 3 of the collection. Durable has great packing options inside and is easy to clean. Excited to use this as I adventure out on all my travels!

Review by Penelope Y. on 2 Oct 2021

Practical and Organized
What I love about BÉIS luggage is that it is practical and well-organized. You can tell that the product team really thought about the travel experience when creating this collection. It’s the thoughtfulness of the cushioned handle and the small details including the garment bags. It’s everything you need in one suitcase.

Review by Ashley A. on 9 Jun 2021

Chic & Durable
The 26” Check-In is a clash between style & durability! The luggage held everything I needed for a week-long trip to Turkey, in addition to my bulky roller skates & souvenirs for the plane ride back home! The luggage held up great during TSA and being checked. Definitely recommend this luggage, 10/10!

Review by Jay J. on 22 Aug 2022

Flawless! I am obsessed with this luggage. I ordered the three-piece set and the weekender bag! The zipper slot to slip the bag over the luggage handle makes loading and trekking through the airport so much easier. The interior of all pieces is great quality and I love the small touches (pockets, laundry bags, etc.) The zippers are all sturdy and the locks are very easy to use. Perk, stylish and sleek! A++!

Review by Lisa B. on 26 Oct 2021

Traveling Mama
Perfect for one and a half.

Review by Sage G. on 8 Mar 2020

The Best Suitcase
I love this bag. I am a classic over-packer, but I was able to pack 4 pairs of shoes, a bunch of winter clothes, and business attire for a 12-day trip to Germany in this bag. Granted, I do also have a Weekender and BÉIS backpack for the rest of my items. Still! It is an amazing bag and the weight indicator is the greatest feature.

Review by Angelina L. on 5 Oct 2022

The Not-So-Good Reviews

Trouble first trip but they are backing their product
Was so happy to get this luggage but on the first trip with it and I had issues. First one of the zippers broke then part of the lining pulled away. I have to add that Béis is sending me a new one and I’m hopeful that this one will work out. I just love it. I bought the carry-on, the medium, the travel bag, and the cosmetic bag all to match.

Review by Shannon G. on 1 Feb 2022

The luggage is beautiful but, came defective. Reached out to customer service and it was going to take them almost 2 weeks to send out another. Because of holiday orders. They could have overnighted a luggage for my vacation and didn’t. Devonte gave me a refund though.

Review by JESSICA L. on 24 Dec 2021

Poor Customer Service
I have tried multiple times to contact BÉIS. No one has returned any of my emails or phone calls regarding a certain piece of luggage out of stock.

Review by Sandy on 16 Apr 2021

Color was off
I love the size and features of this suitcase but the color was much darker in person than I expected. It gave off more of a flesh color than beige which I didn’t like. Swapped for the navy and was so happy. Super easy exchange process.

Review by Kate G. on 11 Aug 2022

Personal Verdict

To be honest, I had little hope for this suitcase. I thought it was all a fad and the latest influencer trend, but buying this bag made me happy. What made me love it was how practical and well-organized it was. You can tell that Shay Mitchell and her team considered the travel experience when designing this collection.

Where to Shop the Béis Travel Check-In Rolling Luggage

BÉIS Travel



Frequently Asked Questions of the Beis Check-In Roller.

Q: Does Beis check-in roller scuff?
A: Yes, How can it not? As far as durability is concerned, everything is holding up pretty well. We have noticed a few scratches, but nothing that’s disappointing or, to be frank, unexpected for hard-sided luggage (which tends to scuff up faster than soft-sided luggage). Airlines also aren’t exactly gentle either.

Q: How does Beis Travel Bags handle returns?

A: For returns, go to Beis’ Return Portal, enter your order number and shipping zip code, and click “Start Return” if you need to return or exchange an item. Please email help@beis.com within 14 days of receiving your item if you wish to return or exchange it. Beis won’t be able to accept a return or exchange if you get in touch with the company after 14 days have passed.

Q: What is Beis travel shipping time?

A: United States
UPS Ground Service 3-5 business days at $10
Two business days at $25
One business day at $33

Orders from other countries

DHL International Express, DHL International Parcel Post, and FedEx are the three prominent international shipping companies used by beis travel. All orders’ transactions are calculated at checkout, but you can see the price range on their Shipping information page.

Please be aware that Beis shipping does not deliver to PO boxes. All shipping transit times are calculated at the time of purchase

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