Beis Weekender Bag Collection Review: Mini Weekender and Convertible Weekender



Ever been caught in a situation where your travel bag is not big enough for the number of things you need? The Beis collection has just the thing. The Beis Weekender was designed to take the hassle out of packing, whether for a short weekend trip or as an addition to your luggage set for extra storage. The beis weekender, which comprises the original weekender, the mini weekender, the convertible weekender, and the convertible mini weekender, was designed to make packing for your weekend getaway a breeze.

Want to know more about each weekender? Let’s dive right into the review

The Original Weekender


Nuts and Bolts

  • Price: 98.00
  • Colour: Black, grey, beige, navy, and atlas pink
  • Dims: 48.5cm wide x 25cm deep x 40cm high
  • Weight: 3.86lbs
  • Capacity: 49 L
  • Laptop Friendly
  • Organizational Pockets
  • Trolley Pass-through (Pocket on back body)
  • Material: Body, trim, lining, and zipper (100% Poly, Vegan leather,100% Poly Nylon, Zinc alloy hardware)
  • Rolled in middle handles (Drop 25 cm)
  • Trolley pass-through
  • 1 zipper pocket on the front body
  • Removable shoulder strap with shoulder pad (max length 115 cm)
  • Metal feet
  • Padded laptop sleeve pocket with vegan leather velcro strap closure (fit laptop 13″ & 15”)
  • 1 large zip pocket
  • 2 slip pockets
  • Key leash

The beis weekender bag – The Original weekender is the first designed bag of the weekender series, and it’s also why and how the weekender collection was dreamed up. The beis weekender bag is 48.5cm wide, 25cm deep, 40cm high, weighs 3.86lbs, and has a 49L capacity.


The “Perfect bag” as shoppers dubbed it, was meticulously designed, from the overall appearance to the clever features. When not traveling with a suitcase, the trolley pass through-on the bag has a zipper on the bottom that can be used as an exterior pocket or unzipped to secure the weekender to your luggage. A second exterior pocket is on the opposite side of the bag, and it is large enough to accommodate a phone or other small essentials.


The weekender was made of strong polyester fabric with a water-resistant material. When zipped closed, the bag does not feel too large to carry due to the longer top and thick padded handles that make it as easy to wear as a shoulder bag. It is also removable, adjustable, and can be worn as a cross-body strap.


The bag has plenty of storage space and organizational features such as a padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 13 or 15-inch laptop, a large zip pocket, and two smaller sleeve pockets. It also includes a key leash, so you don’t lose your key! As of the time of this review, the beis weekender is currently available in only five colors: black, grey, beige, navy, atlas pink, and, for a limited time, plaid.

Beis-Weekender-Bags-In-black- grey- beige-navy- atlaspink

The key feature making the beis weekender mind-blowing is the separate bottom compartment to keep shoes and dirty clothes separate or to store wet clothes. Shay Mitchell certainly thought of everything when designing this bag.


The Convertible Weekender



Nuts and Bolts

  • Price: $118
  • Dims: W 48.5cm x D 25cm x H 40cm
  • Material: Body, trim, lining, and zipper (100% Poly, Vegan leather,100% Poly Nylon, Zinc alloy hardware)
  • Weight: 3.86lbs
  • Capacity: 49 L
  • Wireframe double zip opening/closure
  • Removable bottom compartment with water-resistant lining & mesh cover & zipper closure
  • Rolled in middle handles (Drop 25 cm)
  • Trolley pass-through /Pocket on the back body
  • 1 zipper pocket on the front body
  • Removable shoulder strap with shoulder pad (max length 115 cm)
  • Metal feet
  • Removable padded laptop Case with velcro tab closure (fit laptop 13″ & 15”)
  • 1 large zip pocket
  • 1 large slip pocket
  • 2 small slip pockets
  • Key leash

The only significant difference between the convertible weekender and the original weekender is a fully removable bottom compartment doubles as a packing cube, with a mesh zip-cover and a removable padded laptop sleeve with exterior pockets. The easy-access opening makes it simple to get everything in and out. The Beis convertible weekender is only available in black and beige at the time of this review.

Beis-Convertible-Weekender-removable-laptop- compartment

The Mini Weekender



Nuts and Bolts

  • Dims: 16″W x 16″H x 8″D
  • Material: Body – Cotton/Polyester Trim – PU Strap – Polyester Lining – Polyester
  • Weight: 3.4lbs
  • Capacity: 33 L
  • Rolled shoulder straps for easy carry (drop 12″)
  • Adjustable-removable shoulder/cross-body strap (Max length 48″)
  • Wireframe double zip opening/closure opens wide to see inside
  • Double zip bottom compartment with water-resistant lining
  • Trolley pass through with zipper to create pocket when not in use
  • External zip pocket for small items
  • Padded laptop sleeve pocket with Velcro strap closure (Fits up to 13″ & 15″ Laptop)
  • Large zip pocket and two small slip pockets
  • Lined with durable, easy-to-wipe clean, polyester, water-resistant lining
  • Key-ring strap with dog clip to attach keys for quick access

The beis mini weekender bag was designed with the minimalist in mind. Unlike the original weekender, this is 16 inches wide, 16 inches high, 8 inches deep, and weighs 3.4lbs with 33 litres capacity. The Mini Weekender is perfect if you are only going away for an overnight trip or if you are a SUPER efficient packer.




The mini weekender has the same features as the original weekender bag, just a bit smaller. As of the time of this review, the beis convertible weekender comes only in black, grey, atlas pink, grey, and beige, and yeah! It is small enough to fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.

The Convertible Mini Weekender



Nuts And Bolts

  • Price: $108
  • Dims: 41cm wide x 20cm deep x 40cm high
  • Material: Body, trim, lining, zipper (Jute Canvas, Vegan leather, 100% Poly Nylon, and Zinc alloy hardware)
  • Weight: 3.4lb
  • Capacity: 33 L *We recommend that you adhere to airline guidelines. Please check with your airline for weight limit restrictions.
  • Wireframe double zip opening/closure
  • Removable bottom compartment with water-resistant lining & mesh cover & zipper closure
  • Rolled in middle handles (Drop 25 cm)
  • Trolley pass-through /Pocket on back body
  • 1 zipper pocket on the front body
  • Removable shoulder strap with shoulder pad (max length 115 cm)
  • Removable padded laptop Case with velcro tab closure (fit laptop 13″ & 15”)
  • 1 large zip pocket
  • 1 large slip pocket
  • 2 small slip pockets
  • Key leash

The convertible mini weekender is identical to the mini weekender, except for the addition of a fully removable bottom compartment that can be used as a packing cube, a mesh zip-cover, and a removable padded laptop case with exterior pockets. The beis convertible weekender is only available in black, beige, and grey at the time of this review.



What People Have To Say

The Good Review 

Mini Weekender

Such an amazing bag! I used it for my 2-week Italy trip, and it was perfect. I love how this bag has a bottom/attachable thing so you can put shoes or other clothes. I actually found the laptop case sleeve very useful for my trip, and I put my printed tickets in there for my trip. It was very spacious and could probably fit comfortable 4-5 days of clothes (depending on how you pack, lol); this was my personal item. I also had a carry-on. It fit perfectly under the seat on Delta. It was definitely harder to fit on international flights, but I 100% recommend still going to use this bag for the weekends and overnight trips!

Review by Katelynn M. on 1 Aug 2022


The Mini Weekender has become an absolute closet staple for me. She really is multi-faceted! As a mom, you can never have too many pockets, and the fact that the exterior pocket can turn into the luggage sleeve is brilliant! It’s incredibly spacious inside too. I use it for work, weekend trips, and to bring along my toddler’s snacks when we’re out. I even used it to intimidate the dealer when I bought my car this month. If you’re looking for a cute, spacious bag that screams Jefa vibes, this is the one!

Review by Gabi A. on 16 Oct 2021

The Original Weekender

 I wasn’t sure if I was going to be 100% happy with this bag, but It’s amazing. BEIS has thought of the best ways possible to get yourself organized when travelling. It cuts down my packing time and makes it really easy to find what I need to find when travelling without digging through every pocket and crevice. It is a bit big since I’m 5’4” and can get heavy, but with the travel pocket on the back, I can slide it onto my roller carry-on or use the larger carrying strap. I like the way the sides open completely into a kind of square shape, so it doesn’t flop around when you’re packing it. If you are looking for a larger bag to travel for a short time or need something bigger and better organized as a carry-on, I recommend this bag. I just purchased the backpack as well, along with a few other organizers that’ll definitely help save with making decisions on “what to wear” and utilize the entire space without overdoing it.

Review by Amanda D. on 21 Mar 2022

The Weekender was better than the reviews. I bought it for business trips, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s comfy carrying through the airport and looks nicer than any of the standard duffles I own! The bottom compartment for shoes is a space saver! The top compartment is super roomy, the bag opening does mean you can’t stuff too much, but it is a very generous space. I love it!

Review by Jasmine K. on 14 Dec 2021


Convertible Weekender

I love this weekender duffel!! The quality is amazing, and it’s great the amount of structure at the top, so the bag doesn’t just collapse. The pockets are so purposeful. I especially love the removable laptop sleeve. I can’t wait to use this for my next weekend getaway!

Review by Emily W. on 2 Sep 2020

LOVE all the storage and organization pockets! I was able to fit in here what I usually have to take in 2-3 smaller bags, and then the entire bottom portion has more room for shoes! Now it’s all in one place. The material feels nice and sturdy, plus totally waterproof! I couldn’t be happier with it!

Review by Regina R. on 19 Jun 2020


Convertible Mini Weekender

Used the mini weekender last week for the first time for a business trip to Vegas. What a game-changer. Perfect for my laptop and a change of shoes. Plenty of room and additional compartments, and ease of travel hit big. Love love love!

Review by Diane P. on 17 Apr 2022


I’ve been trying to decide on whether to get the full-size or mini weekender, and I’m glad I chose this one. It is perfect for me since I am very petite and it still fits a lot! I Pam packing for two whole weeks in Greece in just this bag! I love that it can be a carry-on or personal item, and the bottom comes completely off! Well worth the investment. I may even get the full size eventually.

Review by M S. on 10 Apr 2022


The Bad Review

Mini weekender

Excited to have a travel bag for work. Unfortunately, the shoe compartment fell off before I was through TSA flying out of town. Thinking it was simply a human error, I pulled my items to the side, grateful I was early to my flight, then reattached the zipper thinking I was ready to go, until walking the tunnel to the plane where once again, the shoe compartment holding a pair of flats and flips was detached and was back on the ground. Upon walking into the plane, the flight attendant told me I had to consolidate my three pieces into two. My purse and now my Beis single piece travel bag have become inconveniently! Not funny! Now other flyers were placed on hold as I unzipped to re-zip to be allowed on the plane. Absolutely a nightmare! Not only was I drenched in sweat from feverishly trying to keep my items together but so embarrassed about the money I had invested. I do not recommend it! It’s heavy before packed, straps do not stay in place, constantly slipping off my shoulders, and handles also slip off my shoulders. You definitely need the support when your one piece traveller has become two pieces.

Review by Julie on 26 Sep 2022


 Convertible doesn’t really work! The zipper seam was poorly constructed, and within the first use, it became apparent that it would not hold up. I was right, the fabric connecting the zipper to the bag frayed, and now I can’t get the bottom part to attach to the top. I was very excited about the functionality, but in reality, I should’ve just bought the regular weekender.

Review by Molly on 2 Oct 2022

The Original Weekender

Sadly the cross-body strap broke on its first use. I contacted customer service and have not had a response. My friend has the same bag in another colour with no issues. I love the style and shape but really need the cross-body strap.

Review LISA S. on OCT 7, 2022

I really wanted to love this bag, but it just wasn’t the bag for me. The bag itself is beautiful, but carrying all that weight on your shoulder is too much! I felt like my arm was going to break while walking through the airport. I bought this for a trip to Europe to use as my carry-on, but I quickly realized it was a big mistake. Walking around with this thing was a workout! This is really only meant to be carried on top of a rolling bag or by someone with biceps! I wish I could return it because I just don’t see myself ever using it again. Again, for someone who can handle the weight, it’s amazing and top quality!

Review by Jessica S. on 29 Sep 2022


Convertible Weekender

My bag arrived with a defect on the bottom, and the material is missing. I have followed up with Beis customer service three times & sent photos of the defect, but I have not received a response in almost two weeks!

Review by Bethany G. on 20 Sep 2022

I’m very disappointed that I purchased this item, and it arrived without the padded shoulder piece. The strap is not very supportive. Please stop advertising this item on your social media platforms with the padded shoulder piece. It’s false advertising.

Review by Lani on 14 Jul 2022


Convertible Mini Weekender

I love the structure of this bag. The amount of space & organizational pockets makes it easy to pack as a personal bag or a carry-on. The bottom compartment is great, too but not super easy to use when you need to zip it back on with items inside. BY FAR, my biggest issue with this bag is that it is already piling (those little fabric balls) a little. After only two uses, it makes the bag look like it’s already been through the wringer.

Review by Faith B. on 1 May 2020


Where to Buy

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Weekender Bags


Q: Is the detachable bottom also a bag or just a base?

A: The detachable bottom compartment does not turn into a separate bag. The bottom compartment doubles as a packing cube, with a mesh zip-cover when detached.

Q: Can the mini weekender be used as a personal item and fit under the airline seat?

A: Yes, this item is small enough to be used as a carry-on item.

Q: How does Beis Travel Bags handle returns?

A: For returns, go to Beis’ Return Portal, enter your order number and shipping zip code, and click “Start Return” if you need to return or exchange an item. Please email within 14 days of receiving your item if you wish to return or exchange it. Beis won’t be able to accept a return or exchange if you get in touch with the company after 14 days have passed.

Q: What is Beis travel shipping time?

A: United States

UPS Ground Service 3-5 business days at $10

Two business days at $25

 One business day at $33

Orders from other countries

 DHL International Express, DHL International Parcel Post, and FedEx are the three prominent international shipping companies used by beis travel. All orders’ transactions are calculated at checkout, but you can see the price range on their Shipping information page.

Please be aware that Beis shipping does not deliver to PO boxes. All shipping transit times are calculated at the time of purchase

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