The ‘Calm Down’ Podcast

The ‘Calm Down’ podcast is a weekly reminder that after all the struggles and hassles of life, you still need to calm down and take it one day at a time. There are three segments to this podcast which are:

  • Issues: Where a topic or problem we often seem to overlook is brought to the table and dissected.
  • Reality Check: We check up on each other in this segment. Is there anything you need my opinion or that of members of this podcast community before making a major decision? Just send a direct message to the podcast Instagram handle @the_calm_down_podcast and it will be handled in the subsequent episode.
  • Common Sense Rule: Here, we are reminded of simple courtesies we forget to observe or oblivious to.

This podcast is available on all podcast listening platforms/apps. To join the calm down podcast community, click HERE to sign up to our newsletter. I know you’ll love it here!

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