Shrinkage on natural hair

Let’s get real ladies. Shrinkage is something i see most ladies fuss about a lot especially on social media. Sometimes i get quite a lot of direct messages (DMs) on my most active social media accounts; Instagram and Facebook and these messages are mainly ladies asking me how they can combat shrinkage. I understand that feeling right? Your hair is probably long and you’ve given in your best towards achieving a healthy long natural hair and all you get is shrinkage. Lol! Most ladies will tell you they don’t like water getting in contact with their hair because it will shrink. It cracks me up a lot but i get it okay? This post will be straight to the point. So let’s go ahead and demystify this shrinkage once and for all.


Shrinkage = Good Hair Health

Did you just read that? Well, that’s the truth you know. A healthy natural hair will always shrink because it is elastic. Here is a simple illustration. Let’s say you stretched your natural hair bone straight and it’s time for you to wash it. You pour water on your hair and it literally doesn’t shrink back to its original state. How will you feel? Of course you’ll start freaking out because chances are, you’ve just had a terrible heat damage and trust me, nobody wants that at all.

It also shows how versatile your hair is because you can wear it in four different forms which are: shrunken, slightly shrunken, slightly stretched and bone-straight stretched. Take advantage of the shrinkage. Personally, it makes me get creative with a lot of hairstyles. You wake up in the morning and your hair is super shrunken. It makes you think outside the box on a unique way to wear your hair rather than the popular high puff we normally resort to in packing our hair on days like that.

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However, if you want to have a not so shrunken hair the next morning, put your hair in chunky twists a night before to reduce the shrinkage.

Your hair is very beautiful and i want you to begin to see it that way. SHRINKAGE IS NOT A PROBLEM. You made a problem. When you begin to see it this way and actually understand it is an absolute sign of your hair’s health, it won’t be an issue any more to you.

I really hope this helps a lot. Your thoughts are always welcome.




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