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Get Rid of Itchy Synthetic Hair With This Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Method

At a point, I stopped making braids because of the aftermath scalp itchiness. For a very long time, I told myself braids weren’t meant for me because of how itchy and sore it made my scalp and it would never last because I was always scratching. So I did some research and realized that synthetic kenekalon hair is made using an acrylic fibre with an alkaline coating which reacts with the scalp thereby causing this irritation and itching especially on people with the sensitive scalp like me. What I now do before braiding my hair is to treat the attachment/extension using this Apple Cider Vinegar rinse method in the video below. You can also do this for your synthetic faux locks, crotchets and kinky extensions. I hope you find the video helpful. Please don’t forget to subscribe and tap the bell beside the subscribe button so you’ll be notified whenever I post helpful video contents like this on my YouTube Channel; ‘Viola Ekene’.

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