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How To Detangle 4c Natural Hair Without Breakages

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One of the common questions I get asked often is ‘Why is my natural hair breaking?’ I’ve realized from consultations with a lot of my natural hair community that the major reason this happens is poor detangling/combing method. A lot of us rip our hair apart when detangling/combing which is very disappointing but Viola to the rescue! Lol! In this video, I share how I detangle my 4c hair without breakages and how often you should detangle/comb your hair. Be sure to watch and subscribe so you don’t miss out on very helpful 4c hair tips I share on my YouTube channel every week.

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How often do you detangle your natural hair?
How often do you detangle your 4c hair?x

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[…] Related: How to detangle 4c natural hair without breakages. […]

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