It’s just few days to the new year and i know you are here because you want to be really intentional about the new year. Same with me. One good step to take is to set REALISTIC goals and by realistic i mean, goals that are ‘achievable’ by you and not based on comparisons with other people’s dreams. In the ‘Issues’ Segment of episode 4 of the podcast, i explain in details why doing this plus other factors is really important and determines the success of one’s dreams.

how-to-set-realistic-goals-for-the-new-year (2)

In the second segment of the podcast called ‘Reality Check’, Kingsley, a part of the community feels stuck and scared to start his own tech YouTube Channel because he feels he won’t look good on camera and doesn’t have a professional camera. Please drop an advice for him HERE by sending me a direct message. You can always seek the opinion or advice of the calm down podcast community on anything you feel stuck in. We got you!

Podcast (Reality Check Segment) Episode 4

In the Common Sense Rule segment, we rant about people that smack their mouth while eating or make annoying sounds with their tongue when using a toothpick. Oh My! It is so annoying. Have you ever experienced that? Oh my!


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I hope it blesses your heart. Love you!

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