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I decided to do a mini research on the number of people bored and having panic attacks while social distancing in this corona virus pandemic and i was alarmed at the numbers i got.  Man! I know you are bored and anxious right now but don’t worry i got you covered. In Episode 13 of my podcast ‘Calm Down; i just shared how you can overcome all these and stay super productive in the Issues segment. I decided to split these into three types of people this season and share tips for each type of person. This will help you get less bored no matter where your mind and body desires this season to be productive. The three categories are:


  • People that just want to rest and spend quality time with family. Probably before social distancing, you didn’t have enough time on your hands to do that because of work demands.
  • People that are super hyped in their head and just want to make Tik tok and Triller videos.
  • Content creators, entrepreneurs and business owners that are stuck right now on what contents to create to serve their online communities, potential customers and clients.

For the Reality Check segment, someone sent me a mail asking for tips on how to be less bored and afraid while social distancing. Coincidentally, this is what i handled in the Issues segment


In the Common Sense Rule segment, i talk about people that are spreading false news on the virus updates. Like for real! Stop it. Stop spreading fake news like ‘The virus killed 200 people in this city’ when it is not true. Stop chasing clout.

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Time Start Frame For Each Segment

Issues segment – 2:16

Reality Check segment – 24:23

Common Sense Rule segment – 25:40

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