This episode is for you if you:

  • Are struggling to ask for financial help from your parents or friends because ‘You do not want to disturb anybody’.
  • Believe that asking for financial help portrays you as a weak person
  • Want to know the categories of people to ask for financial help
  • Want to keep to your promise of paying back if you promised to pay back
  • Want to understand financial times and seasons and how to properly navigate through them
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In the Reality Check Segment, a member of this Calm Down Podcast Community sent me a mail for this segment. This person wants to know if God is real or not. Any words of Advice, support or encouragement for this person? Please drop it in the comment section.


Do you find it annoying when someone adds you to a WhatsApp group without first seeking your consent? I know you don’t like that because nobody does!  We shall be talking sense into people that do this nonsense in the Common Sense Rule Segment.


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Now grab a popcorn and hit play because this episode is content and nugget filled.

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