Let’s Talk – How Do You Make Use of Social Media?

‘Did he/she like my picture?’, ‘Did they text me back?’, ‘Did they dm me?’…the perturbing questions are endless. I want to ask how many times we’ve allowed social media to tamper with our self-esteem but it’s useless anyways because we’ve probably lost count. Most of us spend almost 22hours on the internet, scrolling through feeds, instigating quarrels among people/celebrities and seeking for cheap popularity. Oh! Did I forget to add that almost everybody wants to become famous and recognized? Some of us have done unbelievable things for ‘the Gram’ (Instagram). Oh! Vanity upon vanity! It hurts me to see people ‘misbehaving’ on social media whereas the sensible ones are making money through sincere means like digital marketing, content creation, influencing and so on.

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How long will you keep on being naive and unrealistic? Some of us believe right now they’re beautiful and special because of the number of likes and comments he/she got from Instagram or any other social media platform forgetting that the key to self- love is having a personal affirmation and recognition of who you truly are. Did I forget to mention that millions are in depression as you read this now? After all the likes, comments and lovely direct messages, they go back to lick their wounds again because what they are looking for; what their heart is sincerely, consciously and unconsciously searching for can never be found on the internet. I’ve heard stories of people who committed suicide because they didn’t get the envisaged attention on social media. People now sell and buy likes. Peoples’ confidence is tied to these and when they don’t get what they wished (the attention), they sink into depression.

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I’m not trying to judge you. No, not at all. Who am I to judge? But aren’t you getting tired of living like that? Have you ever bumped into people if not someone living happily and truly contented with him/herself? What did it feel like? There is more to life than we can ever imagine and the beautiful things in life are mostly felt and hardly found on social media. I’m not insinuating you stay out of social media. if you do that, you might get obsolete because you need to keep yourself updated and watch too remember? Jesus said ‘Watch and pray for you do not know the hour I’ll come’ and one of the most important tool to do that is the internet. It will help keep you abreast with recent happenings. Not just that, if you are a Content Creator and Influencer like me, social media is a very good leveraging tool for success in this field so don’t just stay off.

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It is time to take a break from social media. Don’t you think so? Please if it is affecting your self -worth and keeping you in constant comparison with others, TAKE A BREAK. You know why? It is because when you place your validation in peoples’ hands, you are sitting on a keg of gun powder. When the ‘so called attribute’ they admire you for suddenly disappears, you’ll realize you were ‘situationally liked’. Believers, your confidence, self- worth and love should come from an understanding of who you are in Christ Jesus. If you place it on man, you’ll get hurt. Now somebody is going to think I’m always referring to believers because I think they are more special. Well, no. God loves you all and it’s time to take a break. Meditate, study God’s word, hang out with friends, make new discoveries and take intentional steps towards your passion. That’s the beauty of life and not on some ‘likes’ one can easily ‘unlike’.

Picture Credit: Robin Worrall

After the break, you’ll notice an overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment. Go back and delete the toxic people in your life if you want a breath of fresh air. They are also on social media. Unfollow people that only take and never add to your life. Trust me, it will do you a lot of good.

That silly habit of venting your frustrations on Peoples/celebrities comment sections, instigating quarrels, laughing or making fun of serious situations, constantly waiting to hear or read a scandal about a celebrity should stop. Sweetheart, have you ever thought of the fact that these celebrities are human beings just like you and I? They make mistakes too. If you are a fan, then be a true one. Spread love and not hate. The social media should not influence you negatively. Rather, use it to spread love and positive vibes. That’s what a sensible and empathetic human being should do.

I’m sorry if i sounded a bit too harsh but i hope after reading this, you’ll take deliberate decisions to influence social media positively through any niche you are in and not otherwise.

I recently had a social media break which was so detoxifying. I shared some of the ways i’m re- tracing my steps HERE. I hope it blesses your heart. Please share your thoughts and blessings in the comment section.

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Key Quote

‘There’s more to life than we can ever imagine. The beautiful things in life are mostly felt and hardly found on social media’.




Hi there! I'm Ekene Viola Orjiagu. Unashamed believer, On Air Personality, Content Creator, Brand Influencer, motivational speaker and Creative Director of This blog focuses on you, i, beauty and becoming the best version of yourself through the right door himself.
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Hey What’s up, I check your new stuff regularly. Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good work! thank u

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