Conversation with an atheist/ lessons learnt

Hello! Happy new month in advance peeps. Hope you have been good? I would really love to know in the comment section. To be sincere, my week has been boring coupled with the fact i lost my credit card. Phew! I had an intriguing conversation with an atheist and i did a couple of shoots for my blog (winks)

Conversations with an atheist/lessons learnt

A friend recently celebrated her birthday and I was invited for the mini birthday hangout. Girls gotta play! But something peculiar happened today that made me want to share this with you guys. As the mini party was coming to an end, a random guy approached me. He turned out to be an atheist and did not hesitate to bombard me with questions. He asked me about the existence of God, its reality and made me ponder over it a while. He was so convinced and honestly, at a point I was confused. I was not confused because I doubted the existence of God but because he was trying so much to disprove God’s existence with human logic. When I told him I run a Beauty and Lifestyle blog which focuses on not just the outer beauty but that of the soul through the right door himself, I could clearly see the disgust on his face and I felt totally bad but tried as much as possible to hide my feelings. Well, I’ll have to say that with human logic, you can dispute some things in the bible. He asked me two major questions; If God has ever appeared to me in his fullness and why are there wars, earthquakes and so many natural disasters happening in the world today if God is said to be all loving. The truth is, I couldn’t find any logical answer to fire back.


When I got home, I couldn’t help but ponder over our discussion and I came to this realization: you can never try to figure out who God is with human logic. You’ll run mad. Oh! and to the question he asked me: if God ever speaks to me! Yes! He does every single minute. He not only speaks but communes with me. You cannot use the carnal mind to discern the things of God because they are spiritually discerned. God is real; as real as your hair. Lol! He is everywhere and he is indeed all loving. Natural disasters and wars happen because man has refused to listen to God. In as much as God is merciful, you shouldn’t joke or make light of it. Here is an instance; you love giving. You can literally give the last money you have to someone who is in dire need but how will you feel when someone takes your benevolence for granted by coming back over and over again to ask for money only to use it on irrelevant things? Hurt right? Yeah! That is exactly how God feels. He has emotions too because we are created in his image and likeness. God grieves too, so why would you think he is such a strict and heartless God? To someone reading this, I might sound extremely absurd but thank you for reading to this point.  God is closer to you than you think and of course, people are more confused when you bring Jesus Christ to the picture. Jesus is the Almighty God. He came on earth to die for our sins and our liberation. You see, you can never discern the things of God with logic and human ideologies.

                     ‘You can never discern the things of God with logic and human ideologies’

Conversation with an atheist/lessons learnt

Dear atheist, one day you will get tired and the Holy Spirit who is capable of convicting the world of sin will convict and bring you back to God because you were initially hewn out from him. You will look back one day and exclaim ‘How foolish I was!’ but I hope it would not be too late. I know in this small post of mine, you’ve probably found so many ‘loopholes’ to fight back but hold on, I respect your opinions and will never disregard it. But I oblige with you to think out of the box. What if this God is real and really exists? Even though she might have been ‘religiously brainwashed’ and it is now to the point of prompting her to open a blog to rant, what if there is an atom of truth to this? Humans love to try new things right? Why don’t you give this a try? I dare you to take this bold step and play this game with me here. I know i am crazy for Jesus but at least you might want to prove me wrong right? Then play this game with me

Conversation with an atheist/lessons learnt

I love you but God loves you more.




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