Yass! How is your natural hair doing naturalistas? I’ve gotten quite some complaints from some of y’all on your hair breaking or being too hard to manage and I totally understand. Your hair breaking or being too hard to manage has a lot to do with your hair practices like how you wash your hair, detangle and products or DIYs you use. That is why I’m sharing my wash day routine with you and this is basically what my hair loves. You can build yours from here but don’t forget to do you! Find out what your hair loves with time and stick to it.


Some time last year, I won a giveaway by Henrietta Aina (Afroliciouz on Instagram) sponsored by Afrobynature and I promised to use the products and drop a review on my blog about the products. I won four products from Afrobynature; a Nigerian beauty brand and you can correctly guess I was super excited to try them out.  The products I won were their 2 in 1 Banana Milk Conditioner, Moisturising Shampoo, Hair Butter and Hair Regrow Edge and Scalp oil. In this post, I’m giving my very honest review without sentiments and sharing my wash day routine so you can build yours from here!

My Wash Day Routine Ft Afrobynature Products Review


The very first and most important step to washing your hair is pre-pooing. This what you do before shampooing. The essence of this is to avoid that very drying and excessive moisture loss effect on the hair normally experienced after shampooing. In other words, pre-pooing before shampooing will reduce frizz. I always make my own pre-poo.

How: I normally mix coconut oil and honey for this but I’m currently loving this Coconut and Lemon oil combo from ‘Jam The Coconut Foods Company’. I mix this with castor oil and apply evenly on my hair not forgetting my scalp as well. I then cover with a plastic or shower cap and leave overnight; so I do this pre-poo a night before my wash day. You can leave yours for just 30 mins or one hour but I always prefer pre-pooing overnight for easy and absolute penetration of the oils into my hair properly.jam-the-coconut-food-company-prepoo

Review (2 in Banana Milk Conditioner):  After pre-pooing, the very next thing i do is detangle. Most people prefer to do this while deep conditioning but this works best for me as i love that feel of a well detangled hair while shampooing. I’ve never used a conditioner that left my low porosity hair this soft and well detangled. God! Even after shampooing, my hair still felt really soft. If you always complain of your hair never being soft, this is the conditioner for you. Guess what? The ingredients are natural! It comes in a 500ml bottle as well.



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This is the most important part of washing your hair as this is when you get to remove all those dirt. I used Afrobynature Moisturising Shampoo for this and boy! I love this product.

How: I wash hair thoroughly making sure to concentrate on my scalp by gently massaging my scalp. Please do not rake your fingers through your scalp while shampooing as it is unhealthy and irritates your scalp. When done, dry hair with a micro-fibre towel or a use clean cotton white T-shirt.

Review: Ever bought a shampoo that struggled to lather when washing hair? Sis, I’ve been there before but nahhh, not for this shampoo, it lathered so well! It is also a natural cleanser, dandruff and anti-itch. Also comes in 500ml. The ingredients are roasted plantain skin, cocoa pod ash, palm kernel oil, palm tree leaves, Shea tree bark, black soap and rosemary essential oil blend. Yass! You got it right! 100% natural!


Protein Treatment

I do this once in two months and I use Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor for this.


How: Right after drying my hair after shampooing, I apply this on my hair concentrating more on the ends as they  are the weakest parts of your hair. I also apply on my scalp. Make sure you apply on damp hair. I then cover my hair with a plastic/shower cap and use a heat cap for two minutes for maximum penetration which i afterwards rinse with lukewarm water.

Deep Condition

This is the most important step in wash day. In fact, the secret to a healthy natural hair journey is deep conditioning. It helps your hair retain moisture. I use Sunny Isle Black Jamaican Castor Oil Intensive Hair Masque for this.


How: I apply evenly on hair concentrating more on the ends of my hair. Cover with a plastic or shower cap and use a heat cap for 45 minutes. I then rinse off with lukewarm water.


Another very important step sister! Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise! Never forget that. To moisturise, I use Cantu Leave in conditioning repair cream and boy! This is what my hair loves.


How: I apply thoroughly on damp hair for extra moisture retention


To seal in the moisture, I used the Afrobynature Hair Regrow Scalp and Edge Oil. I used just this oil on my scalp.

How: I first poured a little quantity into an applicator bottle. You can use directly from the product container but I figured out with time that using an applicator bottle while oiling my scalp works best for me and makes it so much easier.

Review: I love this oil! There is this strong smell of tea tree oil it has which is my favorite oil! Within the last three times I’ve used it plus the continuous oiling of my scalp I do while in weaves, I’ve noticed a tremendous change. It is not greasy at all. As regards the Afrobynature hair butter, it didn’t quite go well with me mainly because of the smell. Oh! I feel the smell is too strong and I couldn’t just stand it. Funny enough, my sister loved the smell so much so I guess it has a lot to do with individual preferences. Don’t misunderstand me, I can’t say if it is a great hair butter or not because I’ve not and don’t think I’ll use it. In place of this, I used my current best hair butter which is raw whipped Shea butter.

I use the LCO method which is just Liquid-Cream-Oil; i:e Liquid (Water), Cream (leave-in conditioner), Oil (Any oil of your choice). This method works pretty well for me. There is also the LOC method which is simlply Liquid-Oil-Cream method. The key is trying the both and finding out the method your hair loves and sticking to it.

My absolute faves from the Afrobynature products are the 2 in 1 Banana Milk Conditioner, the Moisturising Shampoo and the Hair Regrow Edge and Scalp Oil. I do not like the butter mainly because of the smell which I feel is too strong but it might be great because I didn’t use it so I can’t really testify if it’s amazing or not!

Yeah! That’s my wash day routine guys! Have any questions? Would you love to use Afrobynature products? Let me know in the comment section!

Meanwhile, peep my hair growth! The second to last picture is currently my hair now which 12 months and 3 weeks after the big chop while the last picture was my hair 6 months after the big chop. Alleluia somebody!



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