This post has always been drafted somewhere in my head because i didn’t want to give just anyhow review or recommendation. I also appreciate all the amazing people that have reached out to me to recommend a good sunscreen for them. It means a lot to me because that signifies you trust my judgments before purchasing any beauty product. When some of y’all reached out to me to recommend a sunscreen, I couldn’t because I haven’t used one for myself and i was researching on a good one to recommend that you won’t always have to order from abroad anytime you run out of one. In other words, I wanted to also find out good sunscreens that can easily be bought here in Nigeria other than doing the ‘abroad marathon’ that takes almost one month to get to Nigeria. Lol

I was also looking out for an inexpensive one that won’t leave white casts on your skin after application.

I’m so glad to let you know I’ve found a good healthy sunscreen for you; one you can easily buy here in Nigeria from a reputable beauty store. I did quite a lot of research on this sunscreen and trust me, i was happy when i finally laid my hands on this sunscreen and it was worth the hype and reviews.

Benefits Of Using a Sunscreen

I’d love to demystify a popular belief black people have about sunscreens. Most people believe ‘black skin’ can’t get sun burnt. Sweetheart, our skin also get sun burnt and that is the main reason why there are hyper pigmentations on some areas of your skin. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays which are not good for your skin and are the leading causes of skin cancer. The ozone layer is also constantly depleting due to man’s activities that strip the protective layer that prevents extreme sun burns. UVB rays mostly penetrate the upper skin layer (epidermis) and causes redness and sunburn. UVA on the other hand penetrates deeper to the lower dermis layer of the skin and this is the one that causes premature aging. Have you ever wondered why most labourers you see constantly working under the sun seem to age faster? Yeah! you guessed it right! The sun made the skin to age faster. So yeah! You need a sunscreen.

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Neutrogena Hydroboost  Sunscreen SPF 50 Review

I’ve used this sunscreen for three weeks after purchase and i can attest to its potency. I noticed the hyper-pigmentations i had before had reduced drastically and the redness and dullness of skin after sun exposure had disappeared as well.

 Type: Hydro Boost water gel lotion sunscreen broad spectrum with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50

Feel: Doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin like most sunscreens do but absorbs right into the skin while moisturizing your skin as well




Active Ingredients: Avobenzone (2.7%), homosalate (9%), octisalate (5%), octocrylene (9%) and oxybenzone (4.5%).


Price bought: I bought this sunscreen at 8000 Naira ($24). Sis i couldn’t believe that a sunscreen this good with SPF 50 can be this inexpensive. I once asked a friend how much she bought a particular sunscreen she was using that she said was good. Guess how much she said? 28, 300 Naira ($86)! I ran for my life. Lol!

Place of Purchase: I purchased this sunscreen from a reputable beauty store called ‘Beauty Frenzy Shop’ in Lagos, Nigeria and had it way-billed to my current state of residence which is Anambra State after i had checked most beauty stores in Awka and couldn’t find it. I just sent them a direct message on Instagram and made the necessary payments. Their costumer service is really nice. They also stock other quality beauty products. Note that this post is not sponsored. You can click HERE to check them out and buy from them.

How I Use: I hardly go out under the sun that much as i’m mostly in the On-Air Studio or working at home but on days i’ll be under the sun which has been frequent these past couple of days due to some work i’m doing (weeps), i wear this sunscreen on mostly areas of my body my cloth is not covering depending on the cloth anyways. I mostly apply on my face, chest. neck (front and back), hands, ears and feet.

Will i buy this product again? Yes! Was it worth my money? Yes! I’ll definitely buy this product again. Did i forget to mention that it smells really good and is not sweaty? I’m stoked! Lol!


Stop telling yourself you don’t need a sunscreen. Even the one in your makeup products won’t give you enough protection. No matter how dope you think your skin care routine is, if you aren’t using a sunscreen, you are pouring water into a basket. When investing in one, look out for ‘broad spectrum SPF’ that is 30 and over for maximum protection.

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I hope this post was really helpful. I’m also looking out for other good sunscreens i can review for you here but don’t expect it too soon because this Neutrogena sunscreen has got me! Lol! May our hair grow and our skin continually glow! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe for more beauty tips. You’ll get my natural hair eBook for free once you do so. You can click HERE to subscribe.

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