An Interview with Amin Ameen

Hey Love! Hope you are good! I recently thought it best to lighten up my radio program ‘Beauty Hub’. I wanted my listeners to also know there is beauty in chasing ones’ dreams and goals. So when I suggested this to them, the feed backs were so lovely and of course the first person they suggested I get on the show was Amin Ameen. At first, I was like ‘What is the hype all about?’ till I started following her on Instagram and decided to write to her and yes! She agreed to be on the show and I was really pleased. After the interview, I’m proud to say right now that I am a die-hard fan of Amin. There is an attached audio file of the interview in case you prefer to listen than read the interview. Before I share the details of the interview, here’s a short bio of Amin Ameen.

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Biography of Amin Ameen; Founder of ‘EverythingNaArt’ and ‘Lagos in Slow Motion’


Amin Ameen: Brand Strategist, entrepreneur and engineer.

Amin Ameen is a detailed strategist, brand influencer, entrepreneur and engineer from Nigeria. She is the founder of EverythingNaArt and Lagosinslowmotion, two online projects that showcase the beauty in creating visuals and effects without limitations. Amin devotes all her actions and activities towards finding beauty even in the strangest places. She works as an engineer in the United States with over ten years experience in the engineering sector and has successfully handled different roles and responsibilities. Her diversity is intense as she spearheaded several roles in Gas Engineering, Health and Safety, Project Management and others.

While working full time as an engineer, Amin has been able to create a community of creatives both here in the diaspora and back home in Lagos, Nigeria. With just one hashtag, #EverythingNaArt, she has built a brand that turned into a call to action. A call to action that has fostered entrepreneurship, ingenuity and intellectual growth. This is more than a brand; she has created a movement. Through her love for creating and its potential to inspire change, her work and ideas are directed towards intellectual growth and personal branding. Amin constantly defies social pressure and expectations by churning out new ideas that are not only informative but engaging and relatable.

Phew! That’s quite an inspiring bio guys. Now you see why my listeners wanted her on the show! Lol! Let’s do this!

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Note: You can also listen to the audio which is right after this written interview.


When I mentioned to the DJ on duty with me here in the studio that I’m having EverythingNaArt on the show, he was so impressed with the uniqueness of your brand name. That brings me to this question; why did you choose the name ‘EverythingNaArt?

I wanted an emblem that would let anyone that sees or hears the name know I’m Nigerian or affiliated to Nigeria. So instead of naming it ‘EverythingIsArt’ I named it ‘EverythingNaArt so I wouldn’t have to put the Nigerian flag to depict I’m from Nigeria. It is a call to action for people to take a look at their life, their surroundings, work, what inspires them and consider it art. Whether it is a struggle, a piece of art on a wall, music, where you have lived; it is a call to action to stop and appreciate what is around them, their experiences and to experience their experiences. That is pretty much it.

There is this huge saying that some people wake up to their dreams or it just comes to them naturally. Did you just build up the idea of EverythingNaArt or it has been in-depth passion like having those art skills right from birth?

EverythingNaArt is an accumulation of all my experiences from birth. I don’t think you just wake up to things. Yes, some inspiration can come overnight but I feel it is a combination of everything I am.

When I gave my listeners a heads up of who will be on the show with me, they were really excited and as I was reading your bio especially the part of you being an engineer, some text messages came in and it was filled with so much love. We’d love to know your specialty in the engineering world and how you shuffle it with entrepreneurship.

My bachelors were in Chemical Engineering and I did my masters in meteorological and mechanical. So I’ve been doing engineering since I was an intern in college and I worked at the same company and moved up into management. I’ve had different roles in project management but I guess my online presence is mainly about my creative side. I use a lot of the tools and experiences I’ve had in the corporate world all the time in teaching people how to make money from nothing. Yeah!


I must say you are inspiring and a lot of people told me they would love to have you on the show because they’d love to hear your success stories. Tell us a little about your background. Was it always like this? What were the challenges in getting to where you are today?

Well, I left Nigeria when I was two. I was a baby when I left, so I wish I had all those experiences like college and so on. I didn’t have that. I came with my parents to the States in New York and then we moved to California for a few years and we came back to New York for high school and College. I kind of left my parents when I started college. I just wanted a life that I didn’t have to struggle. I’ve worked since I was 13 so I just know how to put my best foot into everything I’m doing. I love to work hard and I believe in hard work. I believe that when you work hard and you are adding value, it will come to fruition. It may not happen overnight and I may not be a celebrity on Instagram, but I know that everyday I’m impacting into people’s lives. The people that i am focused on are youths in Nigeria that don’t have jobs and they would follow me, send a direct message and tell me stories. Some of them would tell me they’re depressed. Somebody called me from one of my WhatsApp groups for creatives and said she wants to commit suicide and I really thank God to be a position to help people whether it is listening to them or teaching them how to make money. Instagram is just an app. When the app deletes itself or something happens, at the end of the day, what we have are the people, the resources and what you have as God’s gift.


'Instagram is just an app. When the app deletes itself or something happens, at the end of the day, what we have are the people, the resources and what you have as God’s gift' - Amin Ameen (Founder of EverythingNaArt and Lagos in Slow… Click To Tweet

I just use my platform not to become a celebrity because people celebrate me a lot on Instagram. No, not for that. I use it to inspire people to do better for each person they encounter so that at the end of the day, if I am doing better for one person, they’re doing it for another person and I feel like that’s how we can truly change Nigeria. I didn’t grow up back home in Nigeria but I really have a strong affiliation and network back home. I think because I didn’t grow up back there, I just have this strong desire to effect some changes. I don’t believe in waiting for the government or waiting for something magical to happen. If we’re all doing something every day instead of complaining, then a lot of changes will happen in that country and if a lot of change happens, we’ll see more people staying in the country to fix the green pastures here. That is what drives me, and how I got to this point is I’ve always worked hard. You can’t skip that. There is no shortcut around that. You can get to know people and have connections. The connections will get you in the door but what keeps you in the door is what you have upstairs and what you can bring to the table. That is my model.


Wow! That is so deep. While you were talking, text messages were flying in. Jennifer from Awka just texted ‘I love EverythingNaArt, you are an inspiration I really appreciate you being on the show. Chibuike from Awka texted that for you to encourage and talk that lady out of committing suicide, you’ve made a huge impact and God bless you. Oluchi also texted ‘we love EverythingNaArt!’. A lot of messages are still coming in but we’ll be moving to the last question which is; do you have any advice for anybody pursuing their dreams because these days people tend to give up easily. We hear stories of people sinking into depression just like the story you told us. Are there any nuggets or things you have to tell anybody listening right now that is seriously pursuing his/her dreams?

I don’t want to get religious but I am a christian and I feel like a lot of times people expect to have everything easy. There is beauty and art in the struggle. The struggle is what makes you look back and say ‘wow! I really came a long way’. I keep telling people, you have to experience your experiences. It is not just a statement. It is the truth. If you are struggling right now as a student, just know that one day you won’t be a student anymore. One day, you will start fending for yourself. If you are angry with your parents right now, one day you will have your own roof over your head that you have to care for and nurture. So you have to experience every experience and be great at every moment in your life. if right now you don’t have a job but you have an iPhone , then look at that phone. Think of all the skills you have whether it is speaking to people, giving speeches or you know how to write. I had a lady in my WhatsApp group, she told me writes biographies for clients. I love to write but I hired her to write my bio. That same bio I sent to you? She wrote it! Not because I can’t write it but I wanted to empower her so I paid her for it and she had confidence. Different brands have reached out to her to write theirs; different people from different companies.


What I would say is, at every level you find yourself, whether it is beans and akara (bean balls) you sell on the streets in Lagos, then do it well. Do it with passion so that when people see you, they’ll be impressed. You are right here in the radio station interviewing me and as I’m hearing you doing this, you are doing a fantastic job. I have to say that. Do the best you can with what you have. I tell people, don’t look left or right.

'At every level you find yourself in, whether it is beans or akara (bean balls) you sell on the streets of Lagos, then do it well' - Amin Ameen (Founder of EverythingNaArt and Lagos in Slow Motion) Click To Tweet

Don’t compare your journey to that of someone else. That is where people get it wrong. You need to focus on your own lane. We are all born with gifts. I believe that wholeheartedly but if you focus on Viola or Amin’s gift, you will get depressed because you are thinking you are not doing something that you are supposed to be doing. Maybe God placed another gift inside of you that you’re not even touching because you are busy looking around. You have to look in and one last point; I tell people all the time, for instance, using Instagram as an analogy, if you are seated at a table and i invite everybody to a dinner table but I keep leaving the table to go outside to beg people to come and join us, I’m not experiencing that experience and I’m focused on what I don’t have which is more followers and more people at the table, while the people on the table are not even getting fed. Let that sink in and focus on what is here and now. You can have goals but before you reach your goals, you have to work with what is here and now. What is present and that is what I think will guide people throughout their lives and in any situation. Focus on here and now and do the best that you can. You can’t say you want to work for a radio station when you don’t even practice how to speak to people. Let’s say you don’t have a radio station now, interview your friends, start practicing and be great with what you have first. He that is good with the little, shall be great with a lot. That’s all.


'Do not compare your journey to that of someone else. Focus on here and now and do the best you can' - Amin Ameen (Founder of EverythingNaArt and Lagos in Slow Motion). Click To Tweet

I am so impressed! When people were recommending EverythingNaArt, I was wondering why they were so hyped about it and now I know! I am so inspired and I trust my listeners are too. Thanks for being on the show and you’ll always continue to be our Beauty Hub Crush!

Thanks so much for having me on the show

Yeah! That was it! Impressed right? Lol! I had such a swell time with her on air. You can catch up with her on Instagram @everythingnaart and in case you want to see the services she render, click here. Keep up with her tribe ‘tribecalledena’ (a tribe called EverythingNaArt) on Instagram for ideas and constant job openings. Don’t say i didn’t tell you!

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