This Meal Is An Efficient Blood Booster.

I just thought i’d share this with y’all. I’m definitely not a food blogger but hey! i’m a lifestyle blogger. If you struggle with heavy blood loss after menstruation and normally resort to blood tonics, you need to read to the end. I have a very heavy and extremely painful menstrual cycle (sobs). Before you scream ‘it is endometriosis’, it’s not because I’ve done some checkups and scans after which i was told my cycle is normal. My mom also affirmed to me hers was and is still that painful. I take pain killers when menstruating to relieve the pains or else i’ll die. Lol! The pains are so excruciating and comes with headaches, bloating, fatigue, nausea, cold and a very devastating flow which leaves me totally weak afterwards. I used to take blood tonics but as i’m gradually going organic, i had to figure out an organic and natural remedy. Thanks be to God, my aunt introduced me to this lovely and efficient meal. So, no more blood tonics! Let’s get straight to the meal!

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Note that this meal is best prepared and eaten fresh immediately for maximum results. Refrigerating is not recommended but you can though. Personally i don’t refrigerate.

Ingredients Used in Making The Blood Booster Meal

  • Garden egg leaves (Called Akwukwo Anyara in Igbo, Efo Igba in Yoruba and Ganyen Gauta in Hausa)
  • Lady’s fingers (Okra)
  • False cubeb leaves (Called Uziza in Igbo, Arokeke in Yoruba)
  • Crayfish
  • Pepper
  • Dried fish (Optional) Can use meat though
  • Red/Palm Oil
  • Salt
  • Maggi cubes
Garden Egg Leaves
False Cubeb Leaves
Lady’s Finger (Okra)
Dried Fish
salt-and -maggi-cubes
Salt and Maggi Cubes
Red/Palm Oil


  • Cut the vegetables into reasonable sizes
  • De-bone the dried fish
  • Slice the okra into preferred sizes (I love it in very large chunks!)

How To Prepare Blood Booster Meal

  • Pour a little amount of water in a clean pot
  • Add the dried fish and allow to cook for ten minutes
  • Add the palm/red oil
  • Add salt and the Maggi cubes (Use discretion as this is largely dependent on the quantity you are making).
  • Add Crayfish and pepper
  • Allow to cook for another five minutes to enable the ingredients penetrate into the fish properly.
  • Add the freshly sliced okra and allow to cook for one minute. This depends on personal preferences. I love it very thick and the okra not too soft.
  • Add the vegetables, stir very well and take down immediately. I do this to avoid over-cooking the vegetables leading to eventual loss of the nutrients. The steam emanating from the soup does a good job of cooking the vegetables even when off-fire.
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Time Duration: Thirty minutes or less

Can be taken with eba or eaten alone


Blood Booster Meal

If you’d love to prepare this meal with meat, please season well and steam as usual. Then proceed to follow the directions above starting with addition of red/palm oil (scroll up to see). I always make mine with dried fish to save time as your girl will be too weak to make it with meat considering the blood loss and fatigue. This meal is best taken after your menstrual cycle because if taken during the cycle will rapidly increase the blood flow making it heavier and i know you don’t want that.

If you are anemic, recently had blood shortage probably due to stress or transfused blood to a loved one, this meal is a sure bet. Trust me!

Yeah! That’s it sweetheart! Do try this and share your results in the comment section. Are there other natural/organic remedies that work for you? Any organic remedy to painful menstruation you know that is potent? Please help me and a sister by sharing in the comment section.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof! Love you!


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