In the Issues segment of this episode, i had Fisayo Adeyemi share why Christians should be more vocal about their faith. Here is a short bio of Fisayo Adeyemi

About Fisayo Adeyemi

Fisayo Adeyemi is a Christian, lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. She loves having Christ centered conversations, inspiring people to live their best life in Christ and living purposefully.

Here are some of the questions i asked Fisayo in this episode


  • What were your encounters with Christ like?
  • How can Christians come to  the point of sharing their faith without fear of what people would say?
  • Have you always been this vocal about your faith or was there a process of you getting to a point of not caring whether people would call you all sort of names?

These are just few of the many questions i asked her. Fisayo was such a  delight and our conversation was beautiful.

Why Christians should be vocal about their faith with Fisayo Adeyemi on the Calm Down podcast Click To Tweet

For the Reality Check Segment, a member of the podcast community wanted to know this. Read the picture below.

Reality Check Segment

The Common Sense rule Segment is just a reminder on how we need to do better when it comes to our personal hygiene.

Common sense rule

This is just a friendly reminder to wash your hair nets and bonnets ladies! Guys, also wash your boxers. It's been a while you did that. Personal Hygiene is important. Click To Tweet

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