why you need a spray bottle for your natural hair


People ask me this a whole lot. Spray bottle is a necessity and as funny as this may sound, it’s very cheap. You can actually improvise one for yourself. It’s one of the cheapest investments you can make for your hair with a lot of interests. Lol!

It helps to revitalize and hydrate dull curls and allows you to shape, moisturize and stretch hair without soaking or re-wetting the whole head. It moisturizes your hair too. Want to control the amount of water you spritz on your hair and also to have a once-in all combination of your favourite basic products in a bottle? Then go get a spray bottle.

what is in your spray bottle

Here are some products you must have in your spray bottle:

  • Water: Your spray bottle should contain 70% water because that is one of your hair food essentials. Water is the best moisturizer for natural hair. Guess you must have heard that a countless number of times. Lol.
  • Castor oil/Olive oil: These are heavy oils and this enable them act as sealants. They seal in moisture and prevent evaporation. I use Rosemary Jamaican castor oil. You can use the both if you want to. No side effects! (smiles)
  • Coconut oil: I’m so much in love with this oil. It doesn’t just leave the skin hydrated and beautiful but leaves your hair healthy as well. This oil seeps into the hair strand for a perfect hair result. It’s also perfect for your scalp. This is an essential oil.
  • Leave-in conditioner: This is bae! This also keeps the hair sealed and gives it that extra surge of moisture it needs. Makes detangling a lot easier before setting to your desired style. I need not mention it softens the hair. I guess Type 4c naturalistas can relate to this. Lol!

Here is a rundown of what is in my spray bottle: Water + favorite heavy oil + essential oil + leave-in conditioner

Note: In my second spray bottle, i have just water and leave-in conditioner. I use this on days i just want extra moisture in my hair. Avoid poring too much oil on your hair and scalp. That scalp needs to breathe!

When these contents are in your spray bottle, you can spritz it on your hair every morning and when your hair is braided or in cornrows. This is also important when you want to do some twist outs or make your bantu knots. You can improvise by converting a used spray bottle into one for your natural hair. I currently have two and I improvised with this hair repairing lotion spray bottle. Quite easy huh?

what is in my spray bottle

Are there other essentials in your spray bottle I didn’t mention? What oil works best for your hair type? Feel free to add yours in the comment section! Share and subscribe!



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