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Hey there! I’m happy to have you here and i can’t wait to work with you and serve you as well. Here are some of the ways we can work together.
These are the services i render and goals i can help you achieve according to how it is listed here. If you have an interest in one or more specific services, you can book me more than once!

Viola Ekene Service List

  1. 30 minutes natural hair consultation/one on one coaching
  2. 30 minutes podcasting consultation for those that want to start a podcast but confused on how to go about it
  3. Existing podcast audit
  4. Podcast episodes editing
  5. Email marketing for your brands/mailing list management
  6. Email subscribers engagement audit
  7. Voice over artistry
  8. Copywrighting and bio writing
  9. Event Panelist/speaker
  10. Brand Collaborations
Press down to download my           service list
  1. 30 Minutes Natural Hair Consultation/One on One Coaching

This is for you if:

i. You’ve been wanting to transition to natural hair but confused on what to do, how to go about it and the tons of information online are not helping matters but instead overwhelm you
ii. Looking for good products recommendation as you’ve tried many natural hair products and none seem to be working
iii. Experiencing breakages, dry and itchy scalp and don’t know what to do
iv. At the verge of chopping off your natural hair because it is breaking a lot and you’re demotivated

I’m here to listen and proffer long lasting solutions. All you need to do is book the consultation by clicking the brown lettered words below. It will be via phone call. Make the necessary payments and once it is time for the consultation, i’ll call you and you can ask me any question as regards any of problems above you are encountering.

Consult Me For Your Hair Needs 

      2. 30 Minutes Podcasting Consultation

You definitely need to book me on this one if:

i. You want to start your own podcast but don’t know how to go about it
ii. You want to seek advice from an experienced podcaster and On Air Personality which i am, on the best hosting platform to launch your podcast
iii. You don’t know how to promote your podcasts on social media for more listener-ship
iv. You are confused on the best budget friendly microphones to invest in for the podcast you want to start
v. You are looking for where to get free music and tunes for your intro when you launch
vi. You are pondering on whether setting up a mailing list for your podcast is necessary
vii. You want to know things to consider in designing your podcast cover art
viii. You want to know what to consider before setting up a YouTube channel for your podcast
ix. If podcasting is the right thing for you to go into
x. How to interview guests remotely for your podcast

Save yourself the stress of over thinking and doing tons of research that will get you more confused by working with me so you can launch your podcast successfully. You can book me by clicking this button below.

Consult Me To Guide You Launch Your Podcast

    3. Existing Podcast Audit

This audit is important if you already have a podcast and you’re seriously concerned on why you are not getting the desired results. This is also for you if you want to generally know what you are not doing right in your podcast. Here is what you’ll gain and i’ll audit for you

i. Social media promotion
ii. Mailing list for marketing and episode production
iii. Mobile website
iv. Guest Promotion
v. Setting up a publishing schedule plus scripting
vi. Sound: Loudness, noise, file size, volume
vii. Making sure Google can index your podcast properly
viii. Submitting your podcast to the major directories including Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify and so on.
ix. Verifying that your podcast RSS feed is valid, complete and secure
x. Podcast Production
Once you complete the necessary payments, an email will be sent to you requesting for your podcast details. The audit will be done in 24-48 hours and a report of the audit will be sent to you via email. The report will contain:

a. Executive Summary: covers your podcast goals and summarizes my findings
b. Key Notes: Contains what you should focus on as regards the growth of your podcast and i’d also suggest ways you can address them
c. Audit Results: This is where i’ll break down all 10 dimensions of the audit done, your results and additional notes that will be helpful in the growth of your podcast.

Book Me To Audit Your Podcast

   4. Podcast Episodes Editing

This is for you if;

i. You HATE editing and want to avoid it like a plague
ii. You like editing but don’t just have time to do it
iii. You couldn’t care either way – you just want great results
A great podcast is one that is properly edited with good sound quality and of course, great content!
If you need help on editing your podcasts, jump on this offer! Send a mail to so we can start making magic happen!

    5. Email Marketing For Your Brand/Mailing list management

Are you a brand with a good number of email subscribers but at loss on how to properly engage them by sending useful mails that will in turn convert them to returning customers and build your online community? Cry no more, i’m here to help. I’ll help you by managing your email subscribers and sending useful contents depending on the brand niche which will overtime convert them to returning customers. If you are ready for this, send a mail to and we’ll kick start from there

   6. Email subscribers Engagement Audit

This audit is for you if
i. you want to have a general assessment of how the mail you send to your subscribers are doing and work towards making it better
ii. You are worried that you are not sending the right mails to your subscribers hence they are not opening
iii. Want to change your mail content strategy for your subscribers but don’t know how and what to do
iv. Start getting more opens and clicks to the mails you send out.
I’m here to help. Book a consultation now.

Consult Me To Audit Your Email Subscribers Engagement

    7. Voice Over Artistry

Looking for a voice over artiste for an advertisement you are planing to run, an animation or intro for your podcast? I’m the right person for you on this. I’m an On Air Personality and my job also entails doing voice overs for advertisement companies. I’ve been doing this for three years and counting and my clients always get the results they’ve always wanted. Send a mail to let’s start working on that awesome project together.

   8. Copywrighting and Bio writing

If you are ardent reader of my blog you’ll know that copy wrighting is one skill i have and use in all my blog posts which boomerangs with a lot of engagement. In other words, i’m a very persuasive person with words. Do you want to sell a product or service and don’t know the right words to use to convince a prospective client? Book me to help you by sending a mail to and we’ll take it from there.

Have you ever been invited for an interview and you are asked to submit your bio so the audience can know more about you the interviewee and you start scampering for words to put together on a paper, phone or laptop? Or you are a content creator but structuring a comprehensive bio is a herculean task? Cry no more. I got you! All you need to do is book me to do it for you by sending a mail to

    9. Event Panelist/ Speaker

Do you want me to speak at your event in a niche related to beauty, faith and lifestyle? I’m in! If you also desire me to be a panelist at your event, great! I’m super stoked already. Start by sending a mail to and we’ll kick off from there.

     10. Brand Collaborations

Are you a brand looking for influencers, content creators and bloggers to work with for beauty, lifestyle, faith and media contents? You are at the right place. Send a mail to, i’ll send you my media kit and we’ll start strategizing on working to slay that goal of yours. Let’s do this!


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