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Your Time Will Come

Yipeeee! This is Day 3 of my personal ‘Blog every day for 14 days’ challenge and I’m more than happy with myself! Look at that! I’m consistent. Hahahaha!

I don’t have much at my fingertips to type today. Instead, I expressed all I want to tell you today in audio form. Your time will come. I just need you to hang on. I felt sharing this post via my podcast will help me to better express myself so I’ll love you to listen to this if you don’t mind. I hope it encourages you the way it did to me. And yeah! That’s my podcast! It is available on all podcast listening platforms and apps. You can even listen to it here on the blog. It is just 8 minutes 55 seconds long.

If you are interested in reading the previous post of my Day 2 challenge where I told myself I’ll keep pushing regardless, click HERE to read.

Also, if you’d love to support my podcast where I create candid and thought-provoking conversations with guests from all over the world, click HERE to see what it is all about and join my inner circle. Don’t worry, you will get access to so many benefits and behind-the-scenes as a patron. *winks*

I hope you keep pushing and stay strong. Your time will come. Trust me, it will.

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Shalom. You take care of yourself okay?



Hi there! I'm Ekene Viola Orjiagu. Unashamed believer, On Air Personality, Content Creator, Brand Influencer, motivational speaker and Creative Director of This blog focuses on you, i, beauty and becoming the best version of yourself through the right door himself.

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